Success stories

Success stories

Karina + Alec
(9 mos.)


“Hello!!! We are the parents of a wonderful rascal… Alec has just turned 13 months and our story with the ladies from SleepConcept began when he was 9 months! Alec was not a sleepy-head from birth, except for maybe the first week, where we were convinced that we had a little treasure that only eats and sleeps… how we were wrong! When Alec turned 6 months our lives ceased to be so idyllic; with neverending crying, whinging whether walking, in the car, in the shop – almost anywhere!


I went to the doctor with him, because we were really worried. At every appointment, I always heard “Karina, this period will pass, just keep going”! So we waited for it to end, but as the months went by, it got worse and worse :(( Alec began to sleep with me, and screamed every time we put him in his own bed. Crying at night, waking up every hour – if he slept two hours in a row, it was a miracle!!! The worst part: the never ending rocking day and night, on top of that I could not do anything, because as soon as I moved, he just woke up… We, as well as Alec, were on the verge of exhaustion – after all, a child needs to sleep for healthy development! In desperation, I found the SleepConcept website. The ladies created a plan for Alec and we could not believe how quickly our lives changed for the better after its implementation!!! :)). It’s been 4 months since our son has been sleeping alone in his bed, in his room and he sleeps all night, 11-12 hours! We are so happy because we know that if we are rested and refreshed, we can give our little one more joy from being a parent, and Alec has changed for the better!!! Thank you with all our hearts for this wonderful help and support that we received. Without a shadow of doubt, I can recommend SleepConcept. The ladies are magicians!”

+ Niko,
Olivia, Lena
(17 mos.)


“Consultation with SleepConcept. Was it worth it? Before I answer this question, I will start with our story from the beginning … The lack of sleep has been with us for … a year and a half. Yes, you can laugh because children seem to sleep all the time at the beginning. They sleep. Ours also slept, but they ate every 2 hours. In the first month, feeding one individual took about 30 minutes, so you can easily count how much time was left to sleep, not much! It got better when the babies were able to switch their feeds to every 3 hours.


Now that the children are 18 months old, we slowly, selfishly dream of sleeping all night long. I am a great sleeper, I love to sleep, it is a pity that my children have not inherited this passion from me. However, this was not the problem. The problem was Lena and her sudden aversion to her bed. Everyday day when I put Lena to bed as usual, she went into a rage. It was almost hysterical, hysteria combined with tears, lots of tears – mine and hers.


I couldn’t manage. The only solution for this was to take her in my arms. Once out of her bed, she calmed down as soon as she was a few centimeters away the mattress. There was an hour of holding her and when it seemed that she was already sound asleep – I tried to put her back in her cot. Carefully, slowly, without any sudden movement and rocking just above the mattress. We laid her in her cot and waited tensely. When we succeeded, I slowly removed my hand from under her neck and bottom. When she woke up, the nightmare began again. She insisted on me walking around, I could not sit, she woke up instantly. I ran out of strength, both my husband and I. It was not normal, it was not our care-free Lena, who up until now had fallen asleep by herself in minutes. She did not fall asleep peacefully. I was a bundle of nerves when bed time was approaching, I was simply afraid each evening.


It was not just about our comfort, but most importantly about Lena. A healthy, restful sleep is extremely vital for the development of a toddler. A cheerful, smiling, bubbly child who suddenly became constantly tearful. Seeing her like this was heartbreaking! I consulted other mothers, described the problem on a blog, and posted in groups for mothers. I got a lot of valuable advice, some of which I took, but one thing hurt me a lot. Somebody who didn’t know me insinuated that Lena lacked affection. I cried after reading that comment. Seriously. I had the impression this opinion stated that I was a bad mother, that I did not devote enough time to my child’s interests, which is total nonsense. Those who know us, know that affection, hugs, kisses and love with us is in abundance. Up to the brim. And even more.
I was upset, I walked around feeling down all day, until I threw the weight off my shoulders and told my husband and sister about it. They burst out laughing, both of them. Then I also burst out laughing.


I tried many methods that I have already described to you in other posts. I tried everything that seemed like a good idea to me. From changing the bed linen, changing the cot, checking the mattress (for worms), I even tried the controlled crying method, which was a mistake. I am totally against letting children cry, I know what the health, psychological and emotional consequences of such actions are. No, no, and once again, no! The girls at SleepConcept have the same opinion as me, also regarding the controlled crying. Do not try this method, there are better, milder tricks, seriously.


I lost hope for a moment, but then I found help. My husband sent me a link to their website. I had already read about their success stories on their Instagram page, I even wanted to use their help several times earlier, after a few small incidents with sleeping at the age of 6 months. There was however, always a “but” as I did not completely believe in success, and of course there were costs involved. “Help, I can not manage any more” – this was the subject of the first e-mail I wrote to the girls from SleepConcept. I described our story, Lena’s behaviour in great detail, my suspicions and doubts, and in the end I begged for them to help us. I didn’t have wait long for an answer. My husband was leaving any day for 2 weeks, I was supposed to stay alone with the children, I could not imagine how I would manage. They wrote back that they would help. AND THEY HELPED!


We started to act. I filled out very, very detailed forms – baby questionnaires. The girls analysed everything! They asked about the plan of the day, weight, health, rituals, methods of putting our baby to sleep, philosophy of education, props, conditions, sleep history and history on what we have already tried. Frankly speaking, I was surprised by some of the questions, I had no idea why they were asking about what seemed to have nothing to do with our problem. But it did, a lot! I spent a few hours on the forms, sent photos of the children’s room and waited for a consultation. The main problem was Lena’s behaviour, additionally I really wanted to discuss with the girls the night feeds at 17 months old. Talking to the girls was a real wake up call. Seriously. When they introduced me to the plan, they marked and explained the mistakes we have made so far, I opened my eyes and mouth in surprise. I got a prescription for all evil! We agreed on two problems and two stages for resolving them.


I immediately introduced the recommendations with Lena. I prepared appropriate sleep conditions for the children, as it turned out, their room was too bright (before I ordered the blinds, a blanket was hanging), I 100% complied with the recommendations of the wind down rountine and the time of giving milk for the night. I was consistent with myself, I had to manage this! The most important change, however, was to deal with Lena and my patience. For the past 3 weeks Lena had been falling asleep soundly, cuddled on a pillow in her cot. Now there are no tears, no crying, no despair. I’m happy, she is too! The girls have warned me of a possible regression. It came and went and we got through it! If I hadn’t taken advantage of the help of the girls, and had tried further methods, trials, mistakes on my own – I would have given up a long time ago.


You asked a lot about the consultation. You asked for advice, hints. I thought that I was a conscious mother who knows a lot and is interested in the development of my child. After talking to the girls, I realised I knew soooo little. For sleep, a child’s healthy sleep consists of many factors. A lot. That’s why, during consultations, there are detailed questions, long conversations and a few days of analysis. If there was one golden rule, I would definitely share it with you. Thanks to the girls, I know that giving simple advice is painful and ineffective. Every child is different, has a different problem, other habits, rhythm of the day, meal times, etc. And these are just some of the elements that we laid down as the first factors during consultations. Giving a golden rule based on what worked with us may not work for another child, and sometimes even make matters worse.


Price? Yes, the price for consultations is considerable but so worth it. In our case, a multi-pack package was involved, and this is very expensive. I gave up my dream gift for Christmas, I raided the children’s money-box and decided it was the best decision as we were so tired and desperate. If the girls hadn’t helped us, I wouldn’t have seen any hope in solving our problem.”

Martha + Frank
(3 wks.)


“I contacted SleepConcept because my 3-week-old son practically cried and did not sleep much since birth. I ruled out the causes of illness, and my helplessness and frustration heightened in both of us each day. Every day got worse, and I couldn’t get out of this vicious cycle. I believed that I was already an experienced mother of two children. In spite of the busy schedule and the hectic pre-Christmas period, SleepConcept made an appointment with me immediately so that Frank could get help. During the one-and-a-half hour consultation, I received a lot of valuable tips, specific advice, action plans, support and encouragement that gave me the confidence that I had not lost my maternal competence.Following consultation, I received a very detailed email summary. After implementing the advice from SleepConcept, my Frank just started to sleep. Immediately.


I recommend them to all parents who want help with their children and themselves. A good night’s sleep is the best investment.”

Beata + Arthur
(20 mos.)


“I don’t want to tempt fate, but these 4 days have been the most beautiful days I have spent with Arthur since he was 3 months old 🙂 I feel like this is just a dream and I will have to wake up … I have been sleeping like a log for several days. I think my body has started recovering after I reassured myself that he was able to fall asleep with me for a few days in a row [which had never happened successfully before]! I think that this has had a great impact on my perception and reception of my child. It’s amazing, but for the first time I did not want to go to work today, I just wanted to stay with him, which was previously unthinkable, because after a night of dealing with him I just had enough of him 🙁 And now I can’t wait to be with him in the morning. Now Arthur loves his cot. He liked it before the change, but now it’s his oasis 😉 . What’s more, when someone comes over or there’s a lot going on, he goes to his room, takes some books from the bookshelf and sits down on the sofa and looks at them. I feel as if it’s his quiet time like reading before bed time, and that he has found a way to deal with tiredness and excessive stimulation. It’s amazing. It’s a pity that I only wasted time that we cannot take back, but I try to make the most of everything that is ahead of us.


I do not know how to thank you. I did not realise how beautiful motherhood could be since I had not slept for almost 2 years! I just cannot get enough of my child! I am so glad that I did not give up during the changes! It’s good that you have decided to address such an important topic as children’s sleep, because there is still too little readily advice available on this topic, and it can affect the quality of life so much. Now I know that there are also better and wonderful days, which you can benefit from 🙂 . Thank you again! It must be a great feeling to change people’s lives – so much for the better! 🙂 “

Anna + Neo
(8 mos.)


“Dear Girls,

Actually, I do not know where to start, maybe that by telling you I have started a new era. The era of a well-rested and peaceful child and well-rested and peaceful parents. I do not know how to put in to words how grateful we are to you. The only thing I regret is that I did not find out about you sooner. Now our day is well-organized in terms of sleep and meals, and I know how to react when something spontaneously spoils the plan of the day. Neo sleeps through the nights and is usually able to resettle himself. Even teething is not so terrible because now the nights are better than they ever were 😉 . And above all, we know how to deal with the next changes in our child’s sleep needs. Thank you with all my heart for your support and motivation!


It was definitely the best money invested since Neo’s birth. I will recommend you to every young mother I meet!”

Magda + Peter
(8-12 mos.)

+ Additional Packages

“Sleep has always been very important to me. Since I remember, I liked to sleep for a long time and it was hard for me to get up for school or work. Even before I became a mother, I always wondered what it would be like when I would have to adjust my sleeping to the rhythm of a child. When I was pregnant, what I feared most was sleep deprivation 😉 . While browsing Instagram, I came across the profile of one of the mums who described her experience with SleepConcept. After reading that thanks to their help, her child began to sleep through the night, I decided to remember the name SleepConcept – just in case it turns out that my child is a Night-Owl.


After Peter’s birth, it turned out that the nights were not so bad. Our son slept beautifully during the day, and at night woke twice at the most, and after feeding he fell asleep immediately. The trouble began when he was seven months old – naps lasted a maximum of 30 minutes during the day and nightly wake-ups caused Peter to be so awake that he did not fall sleep again for up to 2 hours. It was really very hard! After a few weeks, I was so tired that I had no strength at all. In the evening I felt physical pain from tiredness. It was then I remembered SleepConcept – honestly, I did not quite believe that it would help, but I decided that it could not be worse, so it might be worth a try.


I made an appointment and after a week we received an Action Plan. I remember the first evening when my husband put Peter to sleep in his bed, and not his arms. I thought our little son would cry very much, but instead he fell asleep very quickly! For the next two weeks, every day I contacted the SleepConcept girls who always responded to my text messages. We modified the plan together so that Peter would learn to sleep well. The effects of our cooperation were very fast: well-rested nights and then longer naps during the day!


Half a year has passed since then. Of course, it happens that Peter does not always sleep all night long or cannot fall asleep for a long time – but if such situations persist, I can always count on good advice (as part of the additional consultation) and it really does always work! Sometimes I think it’s some sort of magic 😉 . If someone asked me today if I would now use the services of SleepConcept again, I would say without hesitation, YES! I think that it was the best money I have ever spent in my life, because thanks to this I can sleep well and have the strength for a nice day with my child 🙂 .”