How we help

Sleep Concept Service and philosophy

How we help

Sleep Concept Service and philosophy

How does our service look?

Our standard service starts with a face to face or Skype meeting about the problems you’re struggling with.

You will then receive an Action Plan suited to your child’s needs, which describes in detail what needs to be done to solve your issues. We discuss them by phone, ensuring everything is clear and understood. Then, you take action, and we are here for you according to your chosen Package to support you through the first, most difficult days. Usually after 1-2 weeks, depending on the complexity of the problem and the age of your child, you should notice a significant improvement in your child’s sleep.

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we will create an Action Plan tailored to the needs of your child and a proposed Plan For The Day



we are here to support you



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Why is it worth choosing us?

reason 1

You need someone with knowledge

Many of us are unaware of the basis of the sleep problem itself.

reason 2

You need someone who has gone through it

Knowledge is one thing, experience is another. Tips from books or the Internet are often brief and seem to be very simple to implement. Nothing could be more wrong!

reason 3

You need someone who will match the solution to your child

In today’s literature and among the plethora of “good advice” heard from family and friends, it is difficult to find the solution that is best for your family.

reason 4

You need someone who will help you put the resolution into practice

Our support to you in difficult times will help you survive the toughest moments.

Why trust us?

We have experience and knowledge!
For more than three years, we have been advising parents on how to deal with sleep problems. We have experience with over 1,000 “cases”: all age groups, first and subsequent children in the family, twins, children with disease, and babies with very high and very low sleep needs. We have pored over an amazing number of books, scientific publications and advice available on international Internet forums. Today, richer in knowledge and experience, we are ready to share all of this with you.


The two of us work together, thanks to which our tips are more comprehensive and objective.
From the first months of our children’s lives, we have given each other support and inspiration, motivation to believe that it can be better. We consulted each other on every problem and challenge that stood before us. We strongly believe that two heads are better than one – and thanks to that our advice is more complete!

Our philosophy

What we do not do, because it is non-conformal to our philosophy.
We base our advice on more than one method of falling asleep or the standard rhythm of the day, because our solutions are adapted to your child. We believe that each child is different, and each family has its own parenting philosophy. Thanks to this, all of our advice is unique and suited to your child.

We do not believe that “controlled crying” and “crying it out” are the fastest or most effective solutions that will teach your baby to fall asleep.