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We are Child Sleep Consultants. With one to one advice, we help parents solve problems with sleep that their children are struggling with. We are mums ourselves and we know how much effort needs to be put in to teach our kids to sleep well. A lot of sleepless nights, short naps and battles with falling asleep in the evenings are all behind us, so we are here to support parents in similar situation.

Since 2015 we have worked with over 2,000 families from 24 countries in the world, and have advised many more through group workshops! Today, richer in knowledge and experience, we want to help you get through the hardships of settling to sleep step by step, so that you too can rest and have more energy for family fun times!

Gosia Makowska

Hi I’m Gosia, my husband Mariusz and I have two spirited sons Martin and Michael. We are an active family who like to spend weekends out whenever possible. Ever since I can remember I have always been passionate about music and luckily I inherited some talent from my grandparents and dad. Wherever I live, I try to join a choir as this is my ‘happy place’, where I can escape from my daily routine while doing something I love. I’m a soprano 🙂 

I’m always on the lookout for trying local cuisines and have recently adopted a flexitarian way of eating. I’m fascinated with plant-based cooking and I’m constantly trying out new recipes for my family and I to enjoy. I care enormously about what my boys eat which has led me to do extensive research on child nutrition.  

My favourite moments of the day are cuddles with my boys every morning and before bedtime. This is our special time together.

Marta Bartosiewicz

Hi I’m Marta and I live with my husband Mariusz (not Gosia’s husband – a different Mariusz! 😉 ) and my two sons Frank and Alex. They are completely different from one another – one is sensitive and the other is very spirited. I love children and I hope to have more! Another important family member is our old cat which unlike other cats, loves cuddles.

As a family we love backpacking and cruises and we have already done lots of trips with our boys. We’ve recently been to Vietnam and we’re already planning our next holiday elsewhere.

I am a person with many interests. I studied Chemistry and Biotechnology at the University. I worked in headhunting, clinical trials and also marketing areas. Now I have finally settled in the baby sleep domain and thrive on educating families and researching the importance of healthy sleep habits. I love to socialise with family and friends and I am an active member and Head of the Parent Association at my children’s school.

How it all started?

Our children were born just two months apart from each other, but their sleeping patterns were completely different!


Frank arranged a colic performance for his mum in the afternoons, but at night he slept beautifully. Martin, on the other hand, fell asleep in an instant for his afternoon nap, but after every night feed, he needed at least an hour to fall back asleep. When Frank’s colic phase was over, he began ‘joyous’ 5:30am wake ups. Whereas, Martin entered the phase of a maximum 37-minute naps. There was no end to the ‘fun and games’! 


Having struggled with our childrens’ sleep problems, we began to look for answers on our own, despite the fact that knowledge about this subject in Poland was very limited. Most of the advice that we received from friends or even paediatricians was: “Your child will always get up at 5 in the morning – he has that nature” or “put Frank to bed at 10pm, and for sure he will not wake you up at 5:00am”. We both felt that this was not the best solution – for our children or for us. We felt that there must be some other way that the whole family could sleep at least a little better.


We spent days and weeks digging through the available literature and talking to mums whose babies did not sleep well.


Step by step, we achieved a little success. New problems continued to appear, but a week was enough and we were able to solve the problem. Frank slept almost 12 hours during the night, and Martin, from 6 to almost 14 months of age, slept for at least two hours on one of his naps. 


At some point, we realized that more and more friends were asking us for advice on how to help their child sleep better. Some of the parents hadn’t had a whole night’s sleep since the birth of their baby (even after 2 years). Some of them slept at night, but the children went to sleep as late as 10pm, but still woke them up around 6 in the morning. 

A well rested baby and well rested parents

are the key to a happy family.

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