For whom?

Parents of Babies 0-3 months

In addition to the theoretical knowledge of babies’ sleep at this age, we will advise you on the possible methods of calming and settling your child to sleep. We take into consideration her/his age and temperament to be consistent with your parenting style. We will suggest how to show a lot of affection and love to your baby without introducing bad habits. If you like, we’ll also suggest how to build a daily routine with your little one. We will tell you about the difficulties that can await you in the first months of your baby’s life, i.e. when to expect them and how to deal with them.

What’s included?

· Analysis of Child Profile – parents are asked to fill in the Profile before the consultation
· Advice via Skype conversation or face to face meeting (extra charge – Chiswick, London)
· The consultation is about 60-90 minutes during working hours: 8:30am to 3:30pm
· E-mail summary of main points from consultation, sent within 5 working days
· Info sheets from SleepConcept
· Support: 1x e-mail with additional questions from the parent within two weeks of the consultation

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