For whom?

Parents of children 4 months+

Most problems parents have with their baby’s sleep start from 4 months of age. The COMFORT Package is our standard recommendation for every family. It contains an Action Plan suited to the needs of the child, which consists of a full diagnosis of sleep problems and a comprehensive description of how to solve them. Additionally, for the duration of implementing the Plan, it offers 2 weeks of continuous text message support (weekdays only) from a sleep consultant. This is the package that will work for most children regardless of their temperament and sleep needs, because it enables us to find a suitable solution for the child.

What’s included?

· Analysis of Child Profile – filling in the Profile before consultation is required 

· Skype conversation between 8:30am and 3:30pm to establish needs 

· Action Plan from SleepConcept suited to the child’s needs delivered within 5 working days 

· Telephone conversation to discuss the Action Plan: duration as needed 

· Time to discuss and start implementing the Plan: 2 weeks from receiving the Plan 

· 2 weeks of unlimited contact with the consultant via text messages, weekdays between 8:00am and 4:00pm 

· Possibility of sending 2x e-mails with additional questions during this period

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