What is an Action Plan from SleepConcept?

What is an Action Plan from SleepConcept?

As part of our service, the Action Plan is the most important, “tangible” document that you get from us.
Here are some frequently asked questions:


Does each package contain an Action Plan?

All packages except New Baby contain an Action Plan. Children are ready to learn to fall asleep independently from approximately 4 months and from then it is possible to introduce a daily routine. It is only after around the 6th month that a clear day-night rhythm is established and children grow out of the so-called period of “short naps”.


What does the Action Plan contain?

The Action Plan is a lengthy document :). First of all, the reasons for your child’s sleep issues are described in it. Secondly, step by step, we describe in detail how to deal with the identified problems. Next, we propose a recommended Plan For The Day for the child where we explain the possible complications that may occur during the implementation of the Action Plan. We clearly outline what a parent can or should do in such a situation. The last part of the Plan are the so-called Next Steps, or changes in the child’s sleep, which parents can expect in the following months. These are clearly described so that the effects that you achieve thanks to the implementation of the Action Plan are permanent.

It’s worth noting that the foundations for many sleep problems of children under the age of two is nutrition, therefore parents also receive very clear tips and advice on how their children’s diet should be, depending on their age. For babies under the age of 1 this part is extremely important, because a balanced diet between the appropriate amount of milk and solid foods is the basis for a good night’s sleep.


In what form do I receive it?

The Action Plan is a PDF document of usually 10-15 A4 pages which we send to you by e-mail.


What if I do not understand something in the Plan?

That is why we touch base after you receive the Plan. The Kickstart Phone Call appointment can take from 10 minutes to up to an hour, depending on how many questions and doubts you have.


Who implements the Action Plan?

After you receive and become familiar with the Action Plan, together we set a date for when you will start your sleep training. We provide support with encouraging words, and an explanation or modification of the plan if something goes wrong. At the end of the day we are working with a child. The duration and form of this support depends on the Package.


Do I get anything else apart from the Action Plan?

Yes! Together with the Action Plan, you also receive the Ideal Sleeping Conditions file, so that you have the basic knowledge of how the environment where your child sleeps should be prepared. We also add instructions on how to report your progress and monitor it via an app. This is a very important element of cooperation with us, so that we can analyse on an ongoing basis whether everything is going according to plan or if any intervention is necessary.


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