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For whom?

Parents of children 4 months+

The PREMIUM package is our offer for the most demanding needs. For clients who require not only the efficiency, but also the comfort of the solutions they receive. The Package includes an Action Plan suited to the child’s needs, which consists of a full diagnosis of your little one’s sleep problems and a comprehensive description of how to solve them. Additionally, for the duration of implementing the Plan, it offers 4 weeks’ support from the consultant in the form most convenient for the client (phone calls, e-mails or text messages – weekdays 8-16). It is our most flexible Package, which will work well even with very sensitive and demanding children as well as those with serious sleep problems. It is also an ideal solution for busy parents, since in case of a problem arising outside of our standard working hours, parents are able to contact a consultant via a text or e-mail to ask for support.

What’s included?

· Analysis of Child Profile – needs to be filled in by parents before consultation

·  Skype conversation 8:30am to 3:30pm or in the evening from 7:00pm to 9:00pm, to establish needs 

·  Action Plan from SleepConcept suited to the child’s needs delivered within 3 working days 

· A telephone or Skype call to discuss the Action Plan: duration as needed 

· An extended time to start implementing the Plan: 2 months from receiving the Plan 

· 4 weeks of unlimited contact with the consultant via calls, texts or e-mails (weekdays, 8-16)

· Emergency Package – possibility to contact a consultant via text or mail in the evening or during the weekend (8-16) if a problem arises

· Possibility of sending unlimited number of e-mails with additional questions during this period

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