Mini Package


For whom?

Parents of children 4 months+

Most problems parents have with their baby’s sleep begin from 4 months of age. The MINI Package is an affordable option for parents who need help. It contains the necessary elements of the CLASSIC Package (suited to the needs of the child Action Plan) and focuses on more independent work from the parents with the child’s sleep. It is also suitable for children with minor sleep problems and standard sleep needs.

What’s included?

· Analysis of Child Profile – filling in the Profile before the consultation is required

· Skype conversation to establish needs between 9:00am and 2:00pm

· Action Plan suited to the child’s needs within 7 working days
· A telephone conversation discussing the Action Plan: duration as needed
· Time to discuss the Plan: 2 weeks from receiving the Plan
· Support: 1x mail with additional questions from the parent within 2 weeks of discussing the Plan