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Safe sleep in a cot

SleepConcept’s mission is all about good and healthy sleep for babies, which enhances their development; therefore, our articles are mainly about sleep quality. However, an important factor for the child to sleep peacefully and without interruption, should, above all, be in line with the safety rules to avoid any unnecessary risks.

10 reasons why your child doesn’t sleep through the night

Most parents have experienced wake up calls during the night throughout their little ones’ first few months, or even years. What should we do when our child wakes up repeatedly during the night? This article describes the top 10 reasons why children wake up at night explaining how to identify them and how to find a solution.

8 myths of a good night’s sleep

Today we will tell you about the 8 most common tips on how to help your baby sleep well - which usually does more damage than good

Can a breast-fed baby sleep through the night?

The most common statement we hear when we say that a child between 6 and 9 months, and certainly up to 12 months, can sleep through the night (understood by SleepConcept as 11-12 hours of sleep) is "that baby is definitely not breastfed!" Is there any truth in this?